MARAC 2022 Spring - Harrisonburg, VA 24-26 March

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    Archives Off-Site: Adapting to Serve our Communities During the Pandemic and Beyond
    (2022-03-26) Conlin, Kristin; Bell, Laura; Koukoui, Angela; Lutz, Christine; LoBello, Louise; Gormly, Briana
    Panelists from three institutions, one small, one medium, and one large, will share their adaptive and iterative approaches to their work while handling varying levels of access and opening between 2020 and 2021. Panelists will discuss the successes and challenges of coordinating archives projects and services in response to navigating online-only and hybrid environments in addition to physical building access limitations. Projects include finding aid migration to ArchivesSpace while working from home during the Pandemic; 'hot-wiring' SpringShare's LibAnswers to manage research and 'scan-on-demand' requests; and teaching virtually amidst new demands and the need to support synchronous and asynchronous instruction. The session will highlight the workflows and solutions each institution developed and continues to adapt. Panelists will also discuss how these solutions have and will impact archives functions moving forward.
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    LGBT History Project of Central PA: Lessons Learned Working with a Living Community Archive
    (2022-03-25) Wakefield, Sarah
    As a first job in archiving, I have had the opportunity to process a living community archive and experience the end results of my work. From partnering with Barry Loveland from the LGBT Center of Central PA, meeting living donors, and interacting with users of the collection, the LGBT History Project of Central PA allows me as an early career archivist to experience the whole life cycle of a collection. My poster will show the how I interact with this collection through the collection’s life cycle, and the benefits and challenges of working with a quickly growing, collaborative community archive.
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    Rediscovering Community Cemeteries: Identifying Gravesites
    (2022-03-25) Wick, Harrison; Colton, Chuck; Weaver, Savannah
    Cemetery gravesite identification is often taken for granted, but what happens when individual graves are not well identified, or their location has become obscure? A project conducted in Indiana County, Pennsylvania, will offer insight into cemetery and grave identification, and feature techniques that have enabled a community to remember their past. Presentations will focus on collaborative efforts between a community and the nearby university archives that highlight discovery of the stories of Civil War veterans and Chinese Americans; how members of the local historical society engaged the community to document and preserve cemeteries in their area; and applied archaeology techniques and analysis of headstones and geophysical methods to examine changes in the development of a cemetery. Participants will be engaged to explore how their communities can benefit from a discussion about these special projects.
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    Shenandoah Valley Archives at Work: Three Initiatives that Preserve and Share Diverse Regional History
    (2022-03-26) Gardner, Stephanie; Baugher, Taylor; Imerson, Penny; Brinkerhoff, Tyler; Hottel, Zachary; Kawecki, Eryn
    The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia is filled with a number of small community and academic archives that work to preserve the rich history of a unique region. While these institutions are small, their work is mighty. Valley archives and their staff conduct numerous creative projects that combine best practices, a commitment to the community they serve, and a dedication to diverse voices. This session will feature a profile of three small archives from the Shenandoah Valley and three projects that launched to better serve the needs of their community. The institutions and the projects they will discuss are: • Bridgewater College Special Collections and the 2021 exhibit “State of Change: Civil Rights and the Virginia Constitution” that used primary sources to engage viewers with both local and state Black history. • Rocktown History and the project “Shape Note Traditions of the Shenandoah Valley” which reunited scattered musical collections from small archives throughout the Shenandoah Valley into a new, more accessible, digital format. • Shenandoah County Library’s Truban Archives and the “Bondage Biographies Project” which works to document the lives of enslaved persons in Shenandoah County through an online database.
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    Program for the Spring 2022 MARAC Meeting: Communities Big and Small
    (2022-03) MARAC: Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference
    The program for the Spring 2022 MARAC meeting, "Communities Big and Small" held April 24-26 in Harrisonburg, VA.