Initial Findings from the Maryland Trans Survey

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Pease, M. V., Taylor, S., Blinder, L., Clements, Z. A., & Galupo, M. P. (2024, March). Initial findings from the Maryland Trans Survey. Trans Maryland.


The Maryland Trans Survey is a community-based research project conducted by Trans Maryland and the Queer/Trans Collective for Research on Equity and Wellness examining experiences of trans people in the State of Maryland in areas such as health and healthcare, employment and economic wellbeing, and legal and policy experiences. To date, it is the largest survey of trans people in the State, with 750 trans people representing all 23 counties in Maryland and Baltimore City. Data were collected from May to December 2023 through in-person and online community outreach and the project was approved by the Towson University Institutional Review Board. This brief contains preliminary descriptive results from the project for advocates, policymakers, and community-serving entities to better understand and support the current needs of trans people in Maryland.



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