An Imageable Place for the Downtown Waterfront Salisbury, MD

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This thesis will look at the revitalization of downtown Salisbury, Maryland, by introducing an imageable public space and a mixed-use complex on the waterfront.The city of Salisbury is a small historic city on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, thirty miles west of Ocean City and the Atlantic coast, and 150 miles east of Washington, DC/Baltimore. The town has seen a remarkable 25% growth in the last 40 years. The downtown area, however, has not developed along with this changing population. Businesses declined, and most downtown inhabitants have since moved out. Bringing residents as well as tourists back to the downtown area would be an important strategy for downtown revitalization. If there are more inhabitants and ownership of this area, there will be more reason for businesses and retail which attract the public and invigorate the district.The Wicomico River flows through the center of Salisbury, which traditionally had been the city's major reason for existence. The historic downtown is compact and walkable and was once a vibrant urban area. However, many of the historic shops lining the streets are vacant, their upper level apartments are abandoned, and large, un-kept open-spaces are sprinkled throughout, most of which are unused parking lots today.

The Wicomico River has one marina and many industrial sites with old shipyards and abandoned warehouses. The city is in need of revitalization, and clearly there is much opportunity for it in the downtown area. The purpose of this thesis is to explore different options for introducing a mixed-use complex which will rejuvenate downtown Salisbury, MD.