Small Town Urbanism: Unveiling Identity in Pembroke, Massachusetts

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New England communities exemplify resilience and innovation through their tradition of reinvention, although the practices of previous centuries have disrupted the region's ecology. As we move farther away from the 20th century, the time is ripe for a 21st century intervention which can restore our relationship with the land while improving the quality of life for residents. As a town with an active and young population and stable population growth, but also a lack of visible identity, Pembroke is the perfect candidate for such an intervention.

Through an investigation of Pembroke's history, context, demographics, and culture, as well as identification and consideration of the stakeholders involved and applicable precedents, a set of goals for the future of the town's center is established.  These goals are used to inform a design proposal in which Pembroke's residents are reconnected to their history and the ecological processes of the region through an active procession of events in the town center.