Reconnecting Castellamare di Stabia with its Amenities

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The city of Castellamare di Stabia is a stunningly beautiful town on the Bay of Naples with many opportunities for making it into a real pearl, like Pompei and Herculanum. It has many assets, from the bay and the mountains to the amazing archeological park of Roman villas and a beautiful complex of thermal spas. Yet the town is not making the best of its abundant amenities.

The main vehicular entrance point into the city is located in a gorge between two hills - one the archeological park, the other the Thermal Spa, facing the sea on the north. Today it is a chaotic intersection with no identity as the entrance into the city or recognition of the park and spa.

The main goal of this thesis is reconnecting the city with its amenities and making the entrance to the city a gateway, that would make visitors immediately aware of the treasures of this town, currently hidden and almost unreachable. As part of the project, I am proposing the placement of a Welcome Center/Archeological Museum on the site, possibly on the place of a currently deteriorated sports center.