Formative research regarding social support programs and young adults living with type one diabetes

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Little research has been conducted regarding social support programs (SSPs) for

young adults with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM). Formative research was conducted

including: in-depth interviews with individuals who have organized or lead SSPs, a

survey of young adults with T1DM, and forming a community advisory board to develop

themes and discussion points for a SSP.

Eight interviews were conducted. The perceived benefits of and barriers to

attending a SSP, the perceived barriers to managing a SSP, and topics important for

young adults were described. 38 individuals completed the survey and were included in

the analysis. The survey identified ever attended a SSP as significant in the perception of

tangible and affectionate support. Two CAB meetings resulted in six themes and

discussion points to be used as a framework for a proposed SSP.

This study suggests the benefit of SSPs for young adults and provides insight into

the role of SSPs in managing T1DM.