Thriving in Tough Times Through Collaboration

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Singh, M. (2015, May), Thriving in Tough Times Through Collaboration, Poster session at the Annual Conference of the Maryland Library Association, Ocean City, MD.


Expanding library services with limited resources can be challenging for libraries, especially in time of budget constraints. Not only the cost of library applications has gone up in the market, most often they are not flexible enough to meet your library’s needs. Here is an example of how a small academic library is being innovative and utilizing staff skill sets to design and develop tools with zero cost to improve customer service and decision making. Through collaboration with the iSchool at the University of Maryland staff created a library usage statistics application, a course reserves system, and an equipment management system. These customizable systems have benefited financially, facilitated evidence-based decision making, improved customer service, and streamlined staff workflow. This collaboration enriched graduate students’ academic experience as well helped library in accomplishing its goal!


A poster session presented at the Maryland Library Association Annual Conference, Thriving in Tough Times Through Collaboration, Ocean City, MD, May 7, 2015