Dynamic Intervention: Reawakening the Detroit Boat Club

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Built in 1902 on pilings in the Detroit River, the Detroit Boat Club (DBC), a stunning

Spanish Colonial building, was once a lively sport and social club. Its historic building fabric,

paralleling Detroit's rise and fall, stands as a monument to the city's downfall. What remains

today is the DBC Rowing Team, who, despite its success, relies on volunteers and meager

donations to maintain the decrepit building. In an attempt at revitalizing the DBC, this thesis

will explore the intricate connections between various elements of Detroit's social and

cultural history. Such elements include Detroit's music history, specifically Motown Records,

as well as the growth of the automotive industry. Through this exploration, this thesis project

will address the following question: to what extent can these cultural and social connections

be applied to the building revitalization process in a way that honors the building's past and

prepares it for a vibrant future?