From Suburban to Sub-Urban: Re-envisioning the American Dream

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This thesis project will explore the design of multi-generational homes and their adaptation to support communal multi-family medium density housing. This typology will use form to inform function and rehabilitate the current exurban expectations and some of the more isolating urban behaviors. The bulk of today’s housing projects do not adequately address our social connectivity, our ties to the landscape, our burgeoning millennial population, our mental well-being, and our aging baby boomer demographic. To address these issues, this thesis will propose the development of a hybrid social housing typology in the United States that would serve as a transition for suburban families to migrate back into the cities, and for individuals or co-families living in cities to build a “home”. To inform this design, several multi-generational typologies will be studied, as well as the historical events that have shaped today’s exurban communities and our “American Dream”.