Draco Lizard-Inspired Robot for Structure Collapse Search

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Many high-stress situations can be difficult to navigate for first responders. Scenes such as active fires and building collapses require precise response tactics in order to minimize risk to first responders and victims alike. Disaster response tends to leave outcomes up to chance as a result of the unpredictable nature of these situations. Introducing robots into disaster response may help reduce uncertainty. Specifically, engineering robots to perform reconnaissance and relay critical information could greatly mitigate the risk posed to first responders entering dangerous scenes. My aim is to design a robot that possesses the gliding and crawling capabilities of the draco lizard. Draco lizards have unique wings that are used to glide amongst trees. My goal is to incorporate this gliding system into the robot, enabling it to be deployed to disaster sites with ease and reducing the workload for first responders. Equipped with cameras, the robot will be able to relay footage of the disaster scene for monitoring. Additionally, a thermal sensing system permits the transmission of quantitative data on potentially hazardous conditions, aiding in the locating of victims and ensuring informed and safer rescue operations.