Creating An identity for Kiplin Hall: Bringing New Life to a Historic Manor House

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The preservation of historic properties allows a specific time period to be captured, and a former lifestyle of those that lived upon the historic site to be conveyed and understood to a visitor of the site. Although, historic sites provide educational services to the community, they often, have financial challenges. The upkeep and restoration of a historic site is costly and often the demanding budget can not be met by visitor ticket sales. In order to give vitality to a historic property, it must be understood that a site has to consider new uses or additional buildings in order to survive.

Kiplin Hall, located in North Yorkshire, England, is facing many of these challenges. This thesis proposes the addition of contemporary buildings to Kiplin Hall in order to help it continue as a historic amenity as well as offering new and additional services to the North Yorkshire community. The addition of new buildings and the restoration of gardens to the site will help support the original building of Kiplin Hall. These additions will help educate the visitor not only about the lifestyle and history of the families that lived at Kiplin but also will provide them with other cultural opportunities such as landscape history, gardening, music concerts, and educational lectures.