Artificially Intelligent Medical Assistant Robot: Automating Data Collection and Diagnostics for Medical Practitioners


Healthcare providers face financial, regulatory, and logistical obstacles in supplying quality care. A robotic system can improve patient outcomes and reduce demands on providers by automating data collection and supplementing medical diagnoses. Team AIMAR (Artificially Intelligent Medical Assistant Robot) constructed such a system focusing on three core features: natural language interaction, computer vision, and mobility. Thus, in addition to developing a robotic base with navigational and conversational abilities, Team AIMAR implemented two prototype modules: a skin lesion image classifier and a medical chatbot. Additionally, Team AIMAR created a framework to test and assess the functionality of the fully integrated system in a simulated environment. Several directions exist for future work, including expanding the user interface, improving navigation and sensing capabilities, communicating with electronic health record systems, and the integration of a physical arm.


Gemstone Team AIMAR