A navigation and object location device for the blind


Team Vision's goal is to create a navigation system for the blind. To achieve this, we took a multi-pronged approach. First, through surveys, we assessed the needs of the blind community and developed a system around those needs. Then, using recent technology, we combined a global positioning system (GPS), inertial navigation unit (INU), computer vision algorithms, and audio and haptic interfaces into one system. The GPS and INU work together to provide walking directions from building to building when outdoors and the computer vision algorithms identify and locate objects such as signs and landmarks, both indoors and outdoors. The speech-based interface ties the GPS, INU, and computer vision algorithms together into an interactive audio-based navigation device. Finally, the haptic interface provides an alternative intuitive directional guidance system. The resulting system guides users to speci ed buildings and to important objects such as cellular telephones, wallets, or even restroom or exit signs.


Gemstone Team Vision