Applying VR Technology to Training in Manufacturing Processes

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The use of Virtual Reality to enhance existing training methods is growing increasingly popular in fields such as medicine, emergency services, and flight instruction. It offers an effective training solution in terms of cost, time expenditure, quality of training offered. The Virtual Training Studio was created to offer tutorials on industrial and procedural assembly and disassembly operations, serving the manufacturing industry, whose turnover rate demands constant training for new employees. It currently supports a tutorial instructing users how to assemble a naval rocket. Users are placed in a virtual environment and their position is tracked by four cameras, as well as two gyroscopes, mounted on their HMD and wand controller. The parts of the rocket are positioned in the environment, and step-by-step text instructions are displayed on a projector screen in the room. Users can click buttons next to the projector to select different instruction options. Auto allows them to view an animated automatic assembly, Manual allows them to assemble the object independently using the instructions given on the screen, and Video allows them to view step-by-step video instructions.