White House Correspondents Association Pool Reports Digital Collection

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In May 2023, the University of Maryland Libraries announced a major upgrade to the Pool Reports Digital Collection Website. This release marks a milestone in the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) project as it moves from a prototype pilot to a dynamic and active collection now available for the study and teaching of US Presidential reporting. The collection can be accessed at https://whpool.lib.umd.edu/. This new iteration is greatly enhanced with content about the White House Correspondents' Association. It includes profiles of past and present White House pool reporters; feature stories on a variety of related topics, complete news & press releases; resource lists of materials both within the UMD Libraries Collection; and important material beyond the Libraries' walls. This presentation provides an overview of the project timeline, milestones, content, and innovative digital tools being developed. As part of the Pool Reports Collection, the University Libraries are developing such a tool not only for this collection but for future digital collections. The UMD email processing and redaction tool, SCUTES (named for the protective scales on a turtle's shell), will auto-redact Personal Identification Information (PII) and reformat emails so that they are uniformly displayed in the collection regardless of the email service provided.



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