Supporting Documents for "Getting to Beta: Building a Model Collection in a World of Digital One-Offs"


A detail from these two digitization workflows deposited here is described at length in the authors' case study "Gettting to Beta: Building a Model Collection in a World of Digital One-Offs." These two workflows are supporting documents to this article. They give a fuller picture of how the detail discussed in the article fits into the larger process by which the authors and the staff traced the digitization pipeline at the National Agricultural Library. The BEFORE document represents our first, provisional and imperfect, attempt at mapping this process. The AFTER documents represent the greater understanding of the process we, as a group, obtained after working through the three steps described in the article. NOTE BENE: These workflows are not representative of digital curation at the National Agricultural Library broadly or officially. They are working documents in a process of discovery for a particular project, the Animal Welfare Act History Digital Collection, and do not convey standard operating procedure or policy at the library.