The Theme Of Nature In Victor Hugo's Contemplations

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dc.description.abstractTitle of Thesis: THE THEME OF NATURE IN VICTOR HUGO'S LES CONTEMPLATIONS Nazanin Khavari, Master of Art, 2009 Thesis directed by: Professor Joseph Brami Department of French & Italian School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures In<bold> Les Contemplations</bold> collection, Hugo is a real contemplator of nature: he describes it with all its immensity, beauty and ugliness, in different seasons and in different moments of day and night. For the description of this nature, mineral, vegetal and animal, he applies many stylistic procedures. In demand of describing everything, he becomes an admirer of mankind with all its greatness and weakness. Description of nature is often accompanied with the ones of love. It can be paternal or of any other kind. This permits him to speak about woman, adolescence and especially of his daughter. This desire to say everything about grandiose and fearsomeness of nature makes Hugo a liberator of words and the creator of the aestheticism of totality in which sublime and grotesque are intermingled, an aestheticism which announces Surrealism.en_US
dc.subject.pqcontrolledEducation, Language and Literatureen_US
dc.titleThe Theme Of Nature In Victor Hugo's Contemplationsen_US


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