Making Consortial Resource Sharing a Reality: ILLiad and Resource Sharing in the University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions Consortium of Libraries (

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The mission of the USMAI (University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions) consortium is to support effective access to library resources by providing and promoting a range of resource sharing services which support the objectives and maximize resources of the individual libraries of the member institutions. In 2005 and 2006, the USMAI undertook an initiative to enhance resource sharing by making ILLiad available consortium-wide at all 16 USMAI campuses. Building on eight existing ILLiad implementations within the consortium, the USMAI Resource Sharing Task Group worked in conjunction with the Information Technology Division of the University of Maryland, College Park Libraries to host, license and implement ILLiad for eight additional member sites. A panel of USMAI librarians and staff will present an overview of the project and what was learned from it, including a discussion of our vision for resource sharing, and how the combination of ILLiad, Odyssey and Aleph are being used to enable resource sharing between our campuses. Particular attention will be paid to authentication issues, ILLiad integration with other systems including SFX and openURL, the implementation and training model, and how support is being done for a consortium in which eight members have separate ILLiad installations and the balance are supported from a newer central site.


A presentation at the OCLC ILLiad International Meeting, Virginia Beach, VA, USA, March 15, 2007