No Real Place

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Abstract Title of Document: NO REAL PLACE Marissa D. Guerrero, MFA, 2008 Directed by: Professor Meriam Rosen, Department of Dance My thesis project explored a recurring dream and was based on the physical and metaphysical presentation of windows. The word "window" comes from the ancient term "wind eye", descriptive of the means that would allow a person to see the oncoming storm or the morning sunrise. Windows have revealed and peeled away different meanings. They separate living space from the elements of the outside world or different rooms within a building. Through my personal experience of a recurring dream, the window revealed a vision of a world within the dream. It could become a time frame or a desire for a different life. I explored these ideas through movement, personal stories, journaling, and use of props. All of these components resulted in a full evening length dance concert for seven dancers. The set design included three windows and sheer "window" curtains, which were designed by Stefan Gibson. No Real Place presented emotional themes in a dream world.