An Integrated Single-phase On-board Charger

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With the growing demand for transportation electrification, plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), cumulatively called electric vehicles (EVs) are drawing more and more attention. The on-board charger (OBC), which is the power electronics interface between the power grid and the high voltage traction battery, is an important part for charging EVs. Besides the OBC, every EV is equipped with another separate power unit called the auxiliary power module (APM) to charge the low voltage (LV) auxiliary battery, which supplies all the electronics on car including audio, air conditioner, lights and controllers. The main target of this work is a novel way to integrate both units together to achieve a charger design that is not only capable of bi-directional operation with high efficiency, but also higher gravimetric and volumetric power density, as compared with those of the existing OBCs and APMs combined.

To achieve this target, following contributions are made: (i) a three-port integrated DC/DC converter, which combines OBC and APM together through an innovative integration method; (ii) an innovative zero-crossing current spike compensation for interleaved totem pole power factor correction (PFC) and (iii) a new phase-shift based control strategy to achieve a regulated power flow management with minimum circulating losses.