Professional Expectations of Provider LGBTQ Competence: Where We Are and Where We Need to Go

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Williams, N. D., Winer, B., Aparicio, E. M., Smith-Bynum, M. A., Boekeloo, B. O., & Fish, J. N. (2022). Professional expectations of provider LGBTQ competence: Where we are and where we need to go. Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health.


Introduction: Mental and behavioral health professional organizations use their governing documents to set expectations of provider competence in working with LGBTQ+ clients. Method: The codes of ethics and training program accreditation guidelines of nine mental and behavioral health disciplines (n=16) were analyzed using template analysis. Results: Coding resulted in fives themes: mission and values, direct practice, clinician education, culturally competent professional development, and advocacy. Expectations for provider competency vary greatly across disciplines. Conclusion: Having a mental and behavioral health workforce that is uniformly competent in meeting the unique needs of LGBTQ populations is key for supporting the mental and behavioral health of LGBTQ persons.