Controlled Vocabulary Enhancement through Crowdsourcing: Project Andvari, Micropasts, and Public Quality Assurance

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Choi, Y. & Koivisto, J. (July 2016). Controlled vocabulary enhancement through crowdsourcing: Project Andvari, Micropasts, and public quality assurance. Paper presented at 2015 Society of American Archivists Research Forum, Cleveland, OH, 18 August. Retrieved from


This paper presents an experimental approach of using crowdsourcing to test controlled vocabularies for digital collections of cultural objects. For a digital humanities initiative project, Project Andvari, which is intended to create a digital portal of early medieval northern European artifacts, it was recognized that there was a need to develop a semantically structured iconographic thesaurus to describe the iconographic content of distributed artefactual collections from a variety of contributing institutions. This paper discusses a workflow of planning and development process of controlled vocabularies for the project and a testing process of the vocabularies to determine both the usability of controlled vocabularies and the feasibility of quality assurance approach. This paper demonstrates an applicability of crowdsourcing in developing controlled vocabularies.


Proceedings paper published by Society of American Archivists. Presented at conference in 2015 in Cleveland, OH ( Published by SAA in 2016.