The Distribution of Care: A Modular Facility for the Treatment of Disease-Stricken Communities in Africa

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Africa experiences a disproportionate amount of the global disease burden, and existing health care centers struggle to meet everyday patient needs. During a disease epidemic, this inability to accommodate communities is exacerbated by a lack of resources to diagnose and treat infectious disease as well as a physical separation from the location of outbreaks. This thesis investigates how patients of disease outbreaks in Africa can be better accommodated through the exploration of a modular health facility capable of treating communities no matter when and where an outbreak occurs. Outbreaks unexpectedly affect vulnerable populations, and immediate action is crucial to contain the disease. The current Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo is utilized as a case study in this thesis, considering its relevance as an ongoing epidemic. Due to the abrupt and destructive nature of disease, a modular and flexible health facility is needed to handle any outbreak in any location.