A Goal, Question, Metric Approach to Coherent Use Integration Within the DevOps Lifecycle

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The development of high-stakes artificial intelligence (AI) technology creates a possibility for disastrous errors of misuse and disuse. Despite these risks, AI still needs to be developed in a timely manner as it has the potential to positively impact users and their surrounding environment. High-stakes AI needs to “move fast” but it must not “break things.” This thesis provides developers with a methodology that will allow them to establish human-AI coherency while maintaining the development speed of the DevOps software development lifecycle. First, I will present a model of the human-machine interaction (HMI) which will motivate a new mode of AI use entitled ‘Coherent Use.’ Then, I will describe a Goal, Question, Metric approach to maximizing Coherent Use which will integrate directly into the DevOps lifecycle. Finally, I will simulate the usage of this template through an existing software product.