Boulder's Missing Community

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Addressing housing disparities in the United States has been a hot topic issue for many years as it cannot be solved with a singular design that incorporates affordable housing. In order to produce change in communities that suffer from housing disparities, a new typology of affordable housing communities must be introduced and change the way in which housing is perceived.Boulder, Colorado is a city that is in dire need of change. Over the past decades, Boulder has served as a hotspot in Colorado and will continue to be one for many more to come. However, living with the city limits has become an unattainable dream as housing prices rise to astronomical levels and steer newcomers and young entrepreneurs away. This long standing issue is one that, if left unresolved, will reduce Boulder to a city that lacks life outside of commerce and business, which is a characteristic that the city has avoided since its incorporation. However, by carefully analyzing the city, understanding what contributes to its uniqueness, and proposing a housing community that will address the city’s issues while also enhancing the fabric, an over encompassing solution can be reached in an attempt to maintain Boulder’s vibrant communities.