Flowering phenology at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory 1973-2012

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This spreadsheet contains data on the phenology (timing) and abundance of flowering by wildflowers in 30 2x2m plots at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, from an NSF-funded research project conducted by Dr. David W. Inouye and collaborators. Metadata for this project are also available on DRUM. NOTE ADDED APRIL 2017: There is now a (slightly) corrected version of this dataset, which also includes data through 2016, assembled primarily by Dr. Jane Ogilvie and Dr. Amy Iler, through support from the National Science Foundation's program "Long-term Research in Environmental Biology". It is archived on the Open Science Framework, at https://osf.io/jt4n5/. The site includes a link to a data use policy document, which we ask users to fill out and submit so we can track use of the data and help to prevent duplication of analyses.


An Excel spreadsheet file.