Synopsis of Details

dc.contributor.advisorCollier, Michaelen_US
dc.contributor.authorD'Alonzo, Camilleen_US
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dc.description.abstractMost of the poems in the manuscript were completed during the second half of my Master’s work at the University of Maryland. The clearest distinction between the earlier work and the work collected here is that these poems move away from the collage style and toward lyric and narrative structure. Many of the poems are preoccupied with themes and imagery from the body, sleep and dreams, food and family. Rather than gathering them together in sections, I have tried to put space between poems of like ideas by interspersing them with ekphrastic poems creating an arch of these topics through the manuscript. I have taken “Synopsis of Details” as the title because the poems attempt to create various realities for the speakers through providing a summary of details. While the details are different for each, many of the poems share an elegiac tone that further links them together.en_US
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dc.titleSynopsis of Detailsen_US


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