Reimagining Ruins: Preserve | Utilize | Interact

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This thesis will examine ways to preserve ruinous structures, utilize their aesthetics, and design an interactive intervention that weaves the old and new together in a seamless way. Ruinous structures should not be seen as an eye-sore to the image of the city. In fact, it is a reminder of all the things the city has faced in the past.

        This thesis analyzes different ways that previous designers have rehabilitated pre-existing structures. These methods are applied to each potential site in order to determine which typology would prove most fruitful.

       Site selection followed specific criteria. The first is that the structure could not be a complete building. Second, the site should be part of a community. And third, the structure should be located in an urban area. 

        By the end of this journey, this thesis seeks awareness having pre-existing structures woven into new designs, and as an opportunity to inspire.