Dialectical Methods in Marxism and Psychoanalysis

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Some of the first attempts to integrate the theories of Marx and Freud began at The Frankfurt School of Germany in the 1920's. The significance of psychoanalytic theory to marxist studies arose with the critical theorist's emphasis on ideologies and the human element behind social phenomena. This paper shall trace the origins of dialectical methods in marxism and psychoanalysis from its birth within the school of critical theory. My purpose is to describe and clarify the inherent dialectical content within both conceptual frameworks. In addition, I shall discuss the major contributions to marxian-psychoanalytic theory construction and implementation. Further, I will suggest much of the rationale for combining Marx with Freud inside the discipline of political theory and political philosophy. One of my primary motives for integrating psychoanalysis and marxism is to develop a theory of "dialectical unity" for purposes of political and personal inquiry.