Using data visualization tools to design a search strategy for a systematic review

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The aim of this study is to survey various research support models to address the following question: What unique research support practices are being successfully used by STEM academic libraries? The results of our investigation will help inform future programming and services for best practices in STEM libraries serving academic institutions.

To answer this question, a comprehensive search of the literature is necessary to capture all relevant studies. The poster will explore the development of key words and phrases used to search databases, grey literature, and STEM libraries' websites. Text mining and data visualization tools are used to identify terms during an initial environmental scan of the literature. Tools may include Voyant, Tableau, Pajek, Gephi, and R. Preliminary results will be shared, including problems encountered and successful data visualization techniques, as well as next steps for completing this project.


Poster presented at the UMD Libraries Research and Innovative Practice Forum, College Park, MD