The Shavasana: Reimagining Mind and Body Wellness through Architecture and Design

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It is critical to maintain good health in both mind and body to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. The context of the physical environment inevitably has a pivotal effect on how people function within a space. Similarly, the practice of yoga is a wellness mechanism that improves how people function and perceive their conceptual world. In the practice of Yoga, Shavasana is a restorative pose, that helps one make time to be mindful. This thesis will engage methods of research-based design inspired by the ancient practice of yoga to create an architype that ultimately improves the well-being of its occupants through the lens of a Health and Wellness Center. A framework will be established for designing a physical environment that improves its occupant’s overall health, mood and productivity. What will be discovered through critical analysis will be a set of design principles that can be applied through architecture and design that foster a healthy lifestyle to its users. The significance of the findings will support designs of all unique pieces of architecture.