Optics And Computer Vision For Biomedical Applications

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Bioengineering is at the cross sections of biology, clinical technology, electrical engineering, computer science and many other domains. The smooth translation of domain technologies to clinics is not just about accuracy and practicality of the technology. It also has to take into account the accessibility (cost and portability), the patients’ comfort and the ease to adapt into the workflow of medical professionals. The dissertation will explore three projects, (1) portable and low-cost near infrared florescence imaging system on mobile phone platform, (2) computer aided diagnosis software for diagnosing chronical kidney disease based on optical coherence tomography (OCT) images and (3) the tracking and localization of hand-held medical imaging probe. These projects aim to translate and adapt modern computation hardware, data analysis models and computer vision technologies to solve and refine clinical diagnosis applications. The dissertation will discuss how the translation, tradeoffs and refinement of those technologies can bring a positive impact on the accuracy, ease of conduct, accessibility and patients’ comfort to the clinical applications.