A study of the benefits of retrofitting cardiovascular exercise equipment of a gym with human energy harvesting technology


This study seeks to identify the benefits of implementing human energy harvesting technology in gym exercise equipment. The central premise is that work put into fitness equipment by gym members can be used to generate electricity for the gym. This supplemental energy source can reduce the gym's overall need for electricity, therefore enhancing the gym as a green gym similar to the way of other alternative energy sources. The study includes an analysis of consumer preferences using detailed survey questionnaires, as well as an investigation of energy efficiency of gym establishments. Moreover, the feasibility of implementing this technology was evaluated from the standpoint of a business plan. By exploring the issue of a green gym from each of these three perspectives, this research shows that retrofitting a gym with energy harvesting technology can successfully enhance the image of the gym while making its operations more profitable.


Gemstone Team HEAT (Human Energy Acquisition Technology)