Rediscover the waterfront through redevelopment - a cultural and entertainment center in Huizhou, China

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Huizhou, only 70 km from Hong Kong, takes a quarter of the Pearl River Delta Specific Economical Region in Guangdong Province, China. With a very strong industrial background and rich in natural and cultural attractions, Huizhou is a fast developing regional hub connecting Guangdong to the world. However, the historical core of city, which once had ports along the main waterfront, has lagged behind the development of the city and it was left for small commercial and residential developments. New interest in this area rediscovered the public importance of the historic district. Revitalization of this waterfront will reinforce the city's civic status in the region and reconnect people to its past as a center for folk culture and commercial. The primary goal of this thesis is to re-interpret the historic core of Huizhou, by providing a year-round cultural and recreation urban focus for this district and its neighborhoods along the waterfront. The new cultural and entertainment center will include an information center, galleries/public educational spaces, conference/exhibition spaces, hotel, as well as other related recreation programs. This thesis demonstrates how to enhance the city's built environments in dense urban fabric and will spur the development of strong water network of the city.