Gateway to the City: A Train Station Redevelopment Project in Melbourne, Australia

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dc.description.abstractSpencer Street Station has been essential to the development and prosperity of Melbourne and the State of Victoria since it opened in 1857. The areas adjacent to the site became industrial developments, pushing residential development to the east of the city. The existing station was built in the early 1960's and lacks facilities such as comfortable waiting areas, public open space, roofs over the platforms, and convenient subway connections. Current plans are to redevelop not only the Spencer Street Station but also the entire surrounding docklands area. In a country where train travel is one of the primary connections between the country and the city, the redevelopment of this primarily interstate passenger and freight train station is vital to the life of the city. The focus of this thesis will be the design of a train station with modern facilities, public space both interior and exterior, retail stores and restaurants, as well as areas for bus, taxi, and tram transfers. Moreover, the Spencer Street Station will be a landmark and act as a gateway between the Central Business District and the Docklands area. This thesis will not attempt to redevelop the entire Docklands site, but will take into consideration current plans for the area. Academically, I am interested in examining: the train station typology; the role transportation systems play in the development of a city; the role this station plays in the development of the docklands; and the idea of the building as a gateway.en_US
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dc.titleGateway to the City: A Train Station Redevelopment Project in Melbourne, Australiaen_US


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