Flavor Physics in the Models with Warped Extra Dimension

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I will first briefly review the Standard Model and gauge hierarchy problem.

Then I will present the Randall-Sundrum model with warped extra dimension, which

provides an elegant geometrical solution to the hierarchy problem. The main focus of

this thesis will be an analysis of the flavor violation in the models with warped extra

dimension. First I will discuss the bounds on the scale of the extra dimension arising

from the low energy physics. I will show that there is a tension in the parameter

space coming from different low energy observables, and I will also discuss possible

ways to relax these bounds. Another interesting feature of the warped models is that

they generically predict flavor violation in the Higgs sector. I will discuss low energy

flavor constraints on the Higgs mediated flavor violation as well as its signatures at

the collider experiments. In the last part of this thesis I will discuss the physics of

radion, a scalar degree of freedom of the five dimensional gravity multiplet, and I will

show why it has interactions which are generically flavor misaligned leading to the

observable flavor violation. This, combined with the fact that radion is likely to be

the lightest new physics degree of freedom will lead to the interesting phenomenology

both from perspective of collider phenomenology and low energy observables.