Deleterious Chemicals Found in Nail Polish Raise Public Health Alarms

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Over the last century western civilization has exponentially increased the amount of chemical substances utilized in everyday life. This increased exposure to hazardous substances has placed the public at risk for developing adverse health effects and diseases. A potential source of the deleterious effects is nail polish. A recent study co-authored by researchers at Duke University and the Environmental Working Group deemed common nail polish chemicals, such as triphenyl phosphate or TPHP, as suspected endocrine disruptors. A philanthropic organization, Teal Toes, utilizes painting toenails teal as a mechanism for raising money and awareness for ovarian cancer. I chose to target my essay towards this organization as it encompasses two conflicting interests. While the organization is successfully raising awareness for ovarian cancer, it is also jeopardizing the public health of those who participate based off of recent research on the chemicals found in nail polish.