ChatGPT and its Impact on Libraries


Artificial Intelligence and its impact on education has been a prevalent topic, especially these last six months with the release of ChatGPT. Most of the conversation regarding ChatGPT has revolved around how it affects teaching and learning, but libraries are often left out of the conversation. This panel-workshop combination will explain what ChatGPT is and help us to know the correct terminology to use when discussing artificial intelligence and machine learning. We will also discuss how ChatGPT is affecting libraries and the work that we do on campus. If you have not gotten a chance to use ChatGPT yet, this is a great opportunity to do so, as we will workshop using ChatGPT and analyze its responses. After dabbling with ChatGPT, we will discuss how we, as librarians, can respond to this new technology. Artificial intelligence is only going to become more ubiquitous and it is our responsibility to understand it and have a plan for how to handle it in our work.



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