Virtual Peer Mentoring Programs: Building Global Professional Connections Through the International Librarians Network

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Corlett-Rivera, Kelsey and Pirjo Kangas. “Virtual Peer-Mentoring Programs: Building Global Professional Connections through the International Librarians Network.” in The Globalized Library: American Academic Libraries and International Students, Collections, and Practices, eds. Yelena Luckert and Lindsay Inge (Chicago: ACRL Press, 2019).


This chapter focuses on the International Librarians Network (ILN) peer-mentoring program and the opportunities it provided to build a global professional network. The chapter will be of interest to librarians who are interested in expanding their network internationally while developing as professionals through a well-run, informal, virtual peer-mentoring program. We will present a case study of our experience as ILN program participants in spring 2016. Our aim is to explore the effectiveness of the ILN program, in part to determine how long-distance peer-mentoring programs like these can help build international connections between libraries and librarians and contribute to our professional development.