Utilization of Data and Models for Commercial off-the Shelf (COTS) Electronic Component Selection and Reliability Assessment

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The continued growth of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) parts in electronic systems and hesitance of use in some applications necessitates the development of methods to evaluate part reliability. An information-based reliability evaluation method has been developed based on failure mechanism models incorporating application conditions and part parameters. The sources of the information necessary for COTS parts were identified along with the information these sources provide. The sources were contrasted with the information required for military, space, or automotive grade parts. Multiple methods of approximating the application conditions and part parameters were developed and incorporated into the reliability methodology along with the impacts of uncertainty levels on the reliability prediction. An evaluation of information availability was completed, and metrics were developed to quantify the thermal and material information provided for parts. An analysis of 22 COTS parts evaluated the metrics’ effectiveness, and reliability estimations compared the changes in part parameters and conditions.