Patron-Driven Digitization on a Dime: Collaborative, Affordable Approaches using ILLiad & Aeon

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Inspired by the implementation of Aeon in Summer 2014, the Interlibrary Loan Services (ILL) unit at the University of Maryland Libraries sought to more actively contribute to the organization’s goal of expanding digitization. We used the Aeon implementation as an opportunity to build upon, and integrate with, existing workflows across the Libraries’ three divisions, enabling ILL to contribute to digitization efforts in meaningful yet manageable ways. We first partnered with Special Collections & University Archives (SCUA) and Digital Conversion & Media Reformatting (DCMR) to digitize university publications and public domain items held in Special Collections through the ILLiad-Aeon photoduplication workflow, then began using ILLiad data to identify public domain items requested from the general collection for outsourced digitization though the Libraries’ Digitization Initiatives Committee proposal process, with both methods resulting in upload to the Internet Archive. For each digitization method this poster will present the workflow; describe the partnerships involved; provide time and cost estimates; and analyze usage of files to determine impact of these efforts.


Poster presented at the ILLiad International Conference, Virginia Beach, VA, March 16, 2016