HDB (Housing Development and Board): Re-imagined for Site, Wind, and Water

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The thesis aims to challenge the current norm and policy of Singapore's subsidized housing, HDB, to create a type of housing that is more adaptable and responsible to current and future challenges. Through the exploration in progressive construction techniques and technology, HDB housing could function and perform sustainably for the community of HDB dwellers as well as for the environment. The affect of an increase in population count in Singapore results in a higher demand for HDB (government-subsidized housing). Along with housing shortage, Singapore is facing a water crisis. Efforts has been made to conserve, capture, and treat water for the population but Singapore still needs to import about 30% of their water from Malaysia. The research and exploration in this thesis aims to resolve some of the issue involving the limited land surface for storing and harvesting rainwater from the abundant rainfall, in order to meet the water requirement of the population in the near future.