Identification and assessment of potential wind energy project sites in the State of Maryland


The international scientific community has reached consensus that greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced to minimize global climate change impacts on the environment, economy, and public health. In 2007, the University of Maryland's Climate Action Plan Workgroup was tasked with charting the University’s path toward carbon neutrality. To aid in this effort, this report identifies the best sites in Western Maryland for wind development. Geographic information systems data on wind speed, land protections, and transmission infrastructure were used to assign scores for physical, social and environmental characteristics of prospective sites. Attribute scores were entered into a systematic weighting system to determine overall site suitability. A financial analysis was conducted for the highest ranked sites using RETScreen software, which generated projections for payback periods and return on investment. The list of suitable sites produced through this research provides the University with a starting point for exploration of off-site wind power production.


Gemstone Team Renewables