"Whatever Goes Unseen, Goes Unchanged:" Disability in Science and Engineering

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How we assess persons with disabilities depends on how we view disability. If we see persons with disabilities as incompetent or un-able, they will be categorized as being helpless. Prejudice like this has prevented and continues to prevent students from attempting to join the engineering and science fields. Our aim is to change this notion and to highlight significant achievements of scientists and engineers with (dis)Abilities. EPSL’s exhibit will feature information on the current status of students and scientists with disabilities active in their fields; resources on assistive technologies; and biographical information on several inventors and scientists who are or were disabled themselves and/or worked to aid those with disabilities. The exhibit will allow visitors to explore how the power of the mind and the human spirit can transcend physical limitations.


The University of Maryland Libraries Diversity Team, in cooperation with the President's Commission on Disability Issues, highlighted resources from our collections related to disabilities and disability studies. EPSL took part of this major campus initiative and prepared an exhibit related to Engineers, Scientists and Students with disabilities and their achievements.