Calvert Interim Report 1: Preliminary Analysis of Features from Period 1 Associated with Posthole Building(s) at Calvert Site, Annapolis, Maryland

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This is the first of a series of interim reports being prepared on the Calvert Site. As interim reports, their objects are twofold: (1) To provide detailed information, in preliminary form, on particular aspects of the analysis of material from the Calvert Site to staff members at Historic Annapolis, Inc. (including those who may not be familiar with the methods, theories, and findings of historical archaeology.) (2) To summarize what is known to date and hence to serve as planning documents for and, in some cases, preliminary manuscripts of chapters that will be included in the final report on the Calvert Site.

This report summarizes what is known to date about the late 17th/early 18th century posthole features that were found. These are among the earliest evidence of construction that we have been able to identify in the archaeological record for the site and within the town as a whole; they may predate the c. 1690-1720 brick house, the first story front and side walls plus remnants of the back (east) wall of which still remain intact in the fabric of the present standing structure (ie., the Governor Calvert House Hotel). There are no extant remains of any posthole building(s) contained within the Governor Calvert House Hotel as these were dismantled in the 18th century. This posthole building(s) may have been built as early as 1680-90 or as late as c. 1710 as there is archaeological evidence of use of the site beginning c. 1680, but documentary research to date has not revealed the chain of ownership in the 17th century.