You Have the Right to Remain Silent: True Rights Statement Confessions


MARAC Spring 2018 birds-of-a-feather panel on rights statements for digital collections.


Panel summary:

Have you ever had any questions or concerns about rights statements but didn’t know who to ask? Need to confess a rights statements blunder? Following the launch of, many DPLA Hubs have started discussions about standardizing rights statements for digital collections. This BOF session will bring together various experts from mid-Atlantic DPLA Hubs who have implemented standardized rights statements for digital collections, worked on education and training for its constituent institutions’ digital collections, or have done rights statements analyses across their home institution or constituent collections. The ultimate goal of the session will help build collective awareness and skills among digital collections managers or interested archivists for implementing standardized rights statements in an open and understanding space. Participants are welcome and encouraged to bring any and all rights statements for review, questions, or confessions. They can share tales of heartbreak, confusion, and woe and we will help troubleshoot and commiserate.