Search Engines and Beyond: A Toolkit for Finding Free Online Resources for Science, Technology and Engineering

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Tchangalova, N. & Stilwell, F. (2012). Search engines and beyond: A toolkit for finding free online resources for science, technology and engineering. Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship 69 (Spring). Retrieved from DOI:10.5062/F4D21VHZ



As many information professionals know, searching the Internet landscape using the Google search engine will find only 20% of the information available on the Internet. Not only are there alternative general search engines beyond Google and Yahoo, there are an abundance of specialized search engines for finding specialized content. Reaching this specialized content requires specific searching skills, knowledge of the structure of the web, and an understanding of how search engines work. The aim of this webliography is to offer a selective list of search engines and information resources that will help science/technology librarians offer more subject-specific information to their STE clientele. This webliography can serve as a starting point for those interested in researching STE resources on the web, or for experienced researchers to find obscure citations. Most of the annotations for the resources were drawn from factual information on the home page as well as commentaries by the authors.