Enhancing Library Instruction with Crossword Puzzles in Kinesiology Classes

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BACKGROUND: The goal was to determine if using crossword puzzles increases students’ engagement in learning information literacy concepts.

METHODS: Crossword puzzles were designed with a free online tool and distributed in five kinesiology classes during library instruction sessions. Students completed the puzzles as a homework. Feedback from students was solicited in writing on the back side of the crossword puzzles.

RESULTS: The crossword puzzles were completed by a total of 64 students, which yielded a response rate of 63% of the total of 101 students enrolled in all five classes. Nearly one third of students submitted written feedback on this activity. They indicated that crossword puzzles were a fun way to review resources available through the libraries and wished to have more of them in other classes. Only a few students found the crossword puzzles challenging and time consuming but a few others liked the challenge and worked with a friend.

CONCLUSIONS: When hunting for the answers, students perceived that this assignment prompted them to consult the handouts distributed in class in addition to exploring the library’s web site. Using crossword puzzles is a creative way to reinforce material covered in library instruction classes.


The poster was presented at the 2016 Tri-Chapter Meeting (MACMLA, NY-NJ and PHIL Chapters), The 3Ls - Librarians, Leadership and Learning on September 25, 2016 in Philadelphia, PA (http://macmla.libguides.com/tri-chapter2016-posters).