Implementation of an Integrated CAD and CAM System

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This is a progress report on a joint research project between the University and the M.S. Willett, Inc. The research focus is on the integration of a CAD system and a CAM system currently being used at the Willett.

The development of CAD systems has revolutionized the process of preparing engineering designs and drawings. Likewise, CAM systems have significantly impacted the stop floor production process. Numerically controlled machines have improved accuracy and productivity in many applications. Integration of these two systems would tie the design phase of a project to the production process, and if done efficiently, could result in significant cost reduction and quality improvement.

In this project, two computer programs have been developed to automate NC code generation directly from a CAD file, either in DXF format or in IGES format. These two programs have been successful in identifying the important elements of an integrated CAD and CAM system. The initial results also indicated how the Willett could shorten the time of product development cycle, low the production cost, and improve the quality of end products.

This project has been supported by the Center for Manufacturing on the College Park campus.