Framework for Knowledge-Based Fault Detection and Diagnostics in Multi-Domain Systems: Application to HVAC Systems

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State-of-the-art fault detection methods are equipment and domain specific and non-comprehensive. As a result, the applicability of these methods in different domains is very limited and they can achieve significant levels of performance by having knowledge of the domain and the ability to mimic human thinking in identifying the source of a fault with a comprehensive knowledge of the system and its surroundings. This technical report presents a comprehensive semantic framework for fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) in systems simulation and control. Our proposed methodology entails of implementation of the knowledge bases for FDD purposes through the utilization of ontologies and offers improved functionalities of such system through inference-based reasoning to derive knowledge about the irregularities in the operation. We exercise the proposed approach by working step by step through the setup and solution of a fault detection and diagnostics problem for a small-scale heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) system.